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Visit Argenton-sur-Creuse

2 minutes from the hotel by car

Less than 5 minutes from our hotel and renowned as being the “Venice of Berry”, discover our brilliant neighbour on the River Creuse. Nestled around its proud feudal castle, Argenton became the worthy successor to Argentomagus from the Middle Ages. Displaying its long and rich history, the town looks an absolute beauty, with balconies hanging over the river and winding medieval streets lined with beautiful houses, with the Esplanade de la Bonne Dame providing a wonderful panoramic view over the surrounding countryside and the lower town. Accessible by the Vieux Pont bridge, this area too is equally interesting and perfect for idling away the time. You can also head to to the tourist office, which runs guided walking tours of the town.

Of major importance throughout human civilisation in terms of art, sports and movement of peoples, rivers have also been key to industry. The River Creuse is no exception and was instrumental in propelling the textile industry in France. The first linen factory was opened in 1860 between the two major bridges crossing the Creuse by Charles Brillaud, an industrialist who gives his name to the road that today leads to the Musée de la Chemiserie et de l'Elégance Masculine (Museum of Shirtmaking and Masculine Elegance). Come and discover one hundred years of history concerning the women shirtmakers of Argenton, their working conditions and their expertise, as well as all about the development of clothes and accessories from the Middle Ages to our times. The museum has a collection of 12,000 items (including textiles, machines and documents) and a reconstructed workshop on the second floor. Activities and themed exhibitions add to the museum’s interesting nature.

Located further up the river at the Moulin du Rabois, the Artboretum museum will delight lovers of contemporary art with a 230 m² exhibition space and a documentation area.